The Company
The company Penteli Mosaic Ltd is one of the oldest industries in the sector of mosaic in Cyprus with a history tradition of 62 years. It started its operations in the turkish cypriot neighborhood of Ayios Kassianos back in 1948 led by its founder Praxitelis Georgiou.

In 1958 it was completely destroyed but within a year it managed to reconstruct by building new facilities in Kaimakli, 171 Ayios Ilarionas street, where it is located until today.

Today our company, apart from Mosaic Industry, it deals with the processing of marbles and granites. Equipped with the latest type of machinery it can offer enviable creations in all ranges.

With all attention to detail, reliability, quality, consistency in service and the experience of 62 years, Penteli Mosaic Ltd manages to be a leader in the mosaic market in Cyprus.

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